In 2013 Andrew paid tribute to Sandy’s perseverance and horticultural flair by commissioning a superbly illustrated and elegant book written by well-known and talented garden designer Franchesca Watson and noted garden writer Laurian Brown which tells the story of Stellenberg and its much-loved garden.

This elegant book tells the story of one of South Africa’s most loved and admired gardens. It’s also the story of a historic and beautiful house, a uniquely preserved example of Cape Dutch architecture.

Tracing the story from the original grant made in 1697, the book opens a fascinating window into the past, brought to life with old photographs, paintings and documents drawn from the Cape Archives. But the gardens are the main story, and the text provides a detailed insight into their inspiration and evolution over a period more than 30 years, gloriously illustrated with numerous colour photographs and drawings that capture their timeless charm. The design and planting of each area is described in detail, as are problems encountered along the way – and their solutions.

A separate chapter takes you behind the scenes to share the month by month management and maintenance of the garden. Evocative and informative, this is a book that will inspire all gardeners and lovers of design and architecture. Presentation and design are as elegant as the garden itself making this a beautiful book to give and own.

This book may be purchased from The Nursery, and selected stores in South Africa.

Who should buy this book?

  • The perfect gift for all interested in gardens and gardening
  • The perfect gift for lovers of Cape Style, history and architecture
  • For all those who enjoy elegance and good design
  • For anyone who wishes to learn and be inspired about garden management

Published by Quivertree Publications

  • Published date: November 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-9922062-1-5
  • Format: 250 x 310 (hard cover)
  • Extent: 216 pages
  • Presented with a slip case